When I made this game, I was fed up with how many games no longer support local multiplayer. Most games these days support only online multiplayer. Because of this, I set out to make a game that you could only play locally on the same keyboard.


The main inspiration for this game was  Super Smash Bros, although I wanted to make a much simpler version. Like Smash, the point of the game is to bump your opponent off the stage, you have a double jump and you can fast fall by holding down.





       Player 1 : W A S D

       Player 2: LEFT UP RIGHT DOWN

   Bump: Double tap in the direction you want to bump (left or right).

   Charged Bump: Double tap and hold to charge attack and then let go to bump.

   Jump: Up


This game was my entry for a game jam on itch.io. Entrants had two days to build a game using only self-made assets (excuse my art) and had to be based on a combination of the themes: "Light is blinding." and "I don't remember." I decided to go with both.

The user plays as a baby that needs to find it's glasses before it goes blind from the light. The game ended up being a basic dungeon crawler but with one difference... you can only keep your eyes open for a certain amount of time before you go blind. This forces the user to conserve their sight as they make their way through three rooms fighting zombies, dodging arrows and avoiding spikes. Also the baby has a sword, which can be used to fight enemies and/or swing to check if you are about to hit something. 


    Move:              WASD

    Attack:             UP RIGHT DOWN LEFT

    Open Eyes:     Space Bar