Class Projects

This was a project for my UNIX development course in which we had to build a minimal shell program. During the development of this project we had to implement the basic functionality you would expect from a shell using strictly system calls. These functionalities included: parsing arguments into commands, manipulating and navigating the UNIX file system and creating and applying environment variables.


For this project we had to develop a command line chatroom using the UNIX socket library. The server had to be capable of handling up to 255 client connections. The functionalities we implemented for the chatroom included: negotiating a unique username with each client, affiliating an observer client (for viewing messages) with a participant client (for sending messages) and sending public and private messages.

During the development of this project and participating in the course I learned a lot key concepts involved in networking such as: multiplexing, classful addressing, ARP, UDP, NAT and many others.

Personal Projects
Personal Website

One of my most recent projects is the website you are on now! I built this website using Django and Python and it is being hosted via Amazon Web Services.

During the development of this project I learned a lot about front-end and back-end webdevelopment, working with a web framework and setting up a EC2 web service with AWS. All of the animations you have seen so far are done with pure CSS.